A brash talker, eccentric and twitter happy fellow, President Donald Trump has somewhat brought unnecessary buzz, glitz and distractions to the world’s most powerful presidential villa-the White House.

Ever since replacing Barack Obama as the 45th president of the US, the businessman had courted controversies within and far beyond the shores of the United States. It seems the 75 year old can’t seem to fend off controversies nay staying off the spotlight. It is a feature that has characterized his personae and government ever since coming to power.

And his recent withdrawal of the United States from the ‘Paris Accord’-a climate treaty committed to cutting carbon emissions and saving the planet-further portrays the negative spotlight the Trump administration has brought upon “God’s own country”.

His decision to pull out of the climate treaty has drawn the ire of the international community. Western allies like France, Germany, Italy but to mention a few have been left unimpressed by his action. They have shown their disdain for Washington by reinforcing their commitment and resolve to a sustainable environment by investing more in green technology and working  in unison to save planet earth’ and her biodiversity that are constantly under threat as a result of negative human activity.

For pro-earth campaigners and conservationists, it is like taking ten steps backwards:  They are irked by the businessman’s unpopular move and see it as a disservice to the planet.

Even the world’s two largest culprits, China and India have shown an unbelievable steadfastness and commitment to the climate cause- It is a defining global solidarity that has inadvertently called into questioning the US’ moral obligation, uprightness and responsibility as the universe’ leading super power.

For those who are either confused or oblivious of what the Paris treaty entails, because of the lame excuse bandied by Trump, it is no brainer: the treaty only seeks to commit the industrialized world to an environmental cause as there is a general belief that their growth and development had more costly effect on the planet-unlike the least developed and developing countries.

It only seeks to appropriate larger responsibilities to first world nations-a group which the US belongs-but, a role Trump is unwilling to take.

His unwillingness to commit to ‘earth cause’ further adds to his list of misguided and off-road policies when it comes to America and the rest of the world.

Though, his antics and disposition towards the planet and environment might have ruffled green campaigners and America’s allies, bet it is not the same with conservationists and Americans in Dakota. Prior to pulling the US out of ‘Paris treaty,’ the president approved a controversial gas pipeline project in Northern Dakota much to the chagrin of indigenous people and Dakotans.

The controversial project had been a subject of litigation and protest by green campaigners who felt the pipelines would disrupt the ecological balance and biodiversity of the Dakota basin. However, Donald Trump was not having any of it, reinforcing the economic gains and business prospect of the project instead.

Therefore, his withdrawal from Paris was too certain. The same manner he ignored the environmental concerns the gas pipeline might have on Dakota, arguing about the commercial benefits, he did exactly the same on Paris but this time in a bizarre manner.

The American president bizarrely claimed the treaty shortchanged his country and also dismissed scientific judgment or verdict pointing to human activities as the main cause of climate change.

While his position might have riled critics, it is the latter that would definitely leave many green campaigners and conservationist bemused. Discrediting scientific judgment that has been based on proven study, research and exploration sounds naïve and at the same time exposes the capitalist in the president. Bringing a ‘businessman’ mentality into the realm of nature and science is way, way overboard.

President Donald Trump reminds one of South Africa’s former President Thabo Mbeki. Mbeki created a storm-one that was costly and greatly affected many South Africans living with Aids-when he dismissed HIV virus as the main cause of AIDS.

Managing the planet well for future generations outweighs any financial prospects, targets and benefits the Trump administration might have in mind. It is a global cause that does not involve only the United States. Many other countries are also forced to make sacrifices just to protect the vulnerable ones who have witnessed the horrors of climate change.

A melting arctic, rising temperature, rising sea levels, torrential rainfalls to mention a few are all symptoms of a changing climate caused by industrial smokes, coal explorations, deforestation and other harsh practices taking its toll on planet earth.

President Trump could only appreciate the gravity of the problem by visiting the Maldives, Fiji, and Kutubdia in Bangladesh. These are countries that are experiencing ‘global warming’ first hand. They have lost farmlands, villages and sizable space to the sea. Places they once called land have now been submerged by the sea.

Even Europe has not been spared from the wrath of nature. Many parts of Western Europe experienced unprecedented heat levels. The UK experienced a ‘never-before-seen’ heat levels,- the highest in the last 40 years in june- and torrential rainfalls that swept most of her rural enclaves last year.

Just last two months, Sri Lanka’s $1.3b tea industry took a hit. It was simply nature at work. Torrential rainfalls on her southern enclave responsible for 70% of the South Asian country’s tea production came to a halt as large hectares of tea plantation were submerged in mud, slug and flood waters.

The specter of climate change is real. It is a phenomenon the world, the US inclusive can’t afford to ignore.

Saving the earth is paramount than any financial or monetary concerns and beliefs President Trump might have. His ‘hoax’ labeling of ‘climate change’ is a skewed view his advisers must work tirelessly to straighten- a tall dream and wishful one for that matter.

The head of the US’ Environmental Protection Agency Scott Priutt maintained Trump’s stance on the withdrawal and railed “We are the US, we have nothing to be apologetic about” in reaction to France, Germany and Italy’s statements on Paris accord.

Truly, as Priutt put it, they are the US; a global leader and a fearsome super power. However, it is a status that comes with big responsibilities and unwavering moral obligations.

The US has a moral responsibility and obligation to show commitment to a treaty- a global cause meant to protect the planet and humanity. It is a cause that can reshape the future of the generations not yet born and also how we manage, explore and exploit our planetary resources striking a balance.

America needs the earth, the earth needs her. It is a symbiotic relationship that is certain to benefit Washington, and the rest of the world. Hope President Trump realizes this and does the needful.

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