That was an apocalyptic prediction from no man of God, but,
the current senate president, David Mark.
The doomsday forecast by the country’s number three citizen
did little to agitate me instead I guffawed uncontrollably as the unimaginable
thought of a PDP ‘armada’ that has fought dirty and defeated every Political
adversary ever since taking over the
reins of power 16 years ago, could all of a sudden be touted for extinction?
How the senator arrived at this calculus still remains
knotty and blurred.
The PDP has strutted its might on the country’s political
landscape as the ruling party for almost two   decades. And had even, boasted of holding on to
power for 60 years before another political party can usurp her. Hence, the
‘end of time’ prediction of the senate president on a party that still has 44
years to live and fulfill its historic 60 years goal target reeks of sham,
deceit and cowardice.
How can one concoct an excusable reason for predicting such
a damning verdict on an institution which the PDP already is, and which the
Senator has benefited from all this while.
“Life is like an ocean tidal waves. It comes with highs and
lows.” Hence, the senator had ridden on the back of the PDP for more than a
decade enjoying all the benefits of a “newly wedded couple” on a honeymoon. So,
if the union suddenly hit a blip like the ignoble loss at the presidential
polls, the senator should have shown the resolve and political maturity to find
a solution and once again return the party to its former glory. Instead of
washing his dirty linens in public by predicting an untimely death for a party
that was once and, still remains a Juggernaut in Nigeria’s political turf.
The problem with the PDP and the likes of senator David Mark
within the party ranks is that, over the years, the Party has fed Nigerians
with lies, failing to justify its inglorious 16 -year strangle hold on power.
The self-acclaimed ‘largest political party’ in Africa had
not only failed to deliver the goodies to the masses but, like the proverbial
adage goes, have “eaten with both hands” thereby failing to prepare for such
torrid times like the recent presidential poll defeat it suffered- A sort of
reality-check that has brought it ‘back to earth’.
Sudden transformation to an opposition is not in the Party’s
DNA and its members hence, one can understand the grief behind the senate
president’s ‘end-time’ prophecy as I believe a large chunk of the party’s
members covertly share the same view with the senator.
The truth be told, the greatest challenge for the PDP is to
prove its relevance on the country’s political scene now that it is no longer
in charge of the National government-A daunting task for a political party that
probably lacks the depth in requirement and content to be a constructive and
formidable opposition party.
Returning to Abuja could only be guaranteed by a viable and
constructive criticism by the PDP as an opposition-An essential ingredient in
every democracy. Hence, the PDP will be doing the country proud by providing a
formidable opposition group to check and balance the excesses of the new APC
government. Failure to do so, amounts to ridicule as Nigerians would perceive
the PDP as ‘losers’ and bunch of self-serving folks who are “pretenders and not
defenders” of the country’s democracy afterall.
Though earlier comments of the outgoing president Goodluck
Ebele Jonathan gives the prophetic doom of the senator another shade of color.
His recent and previous comments on the status of the party after their
embarrassing defeat at the polls tend to contrast and isolate the senator’s
apocalyptic verdict thus, giving the party a glimmer of hope and a chance of
“We lost a fight not a battle. We must go back to the
drawing board, fortify ourselves and get ready to re-take the mantle of
leadership in the next presidential elections.
“This party has served with purpose, and must strive to make
a comeback.
“To those who are decamping to the APC because of this minor
setback, you will return with empty stomachs. Where you are going to, there is
no automatic favour. The APC will consider those who started the journey with
them first, before thinking about you.”
That was the president reacting to the news of PDP members
decamping to the APC at a meeting with the Party’s election committee
submitting their post-election reports to him at the international conference
centre, Abuja recently.
Nigerians only hope that the president’s comment can act as
a catalyst in re-galvanizing the PDP for not only taking a shot at power again,
but with sincere patriotic approach and the determination to create a servant
led government that Nigerians can identify with.


But for now, the Party must strive and work assiduously both
spiritually and politically to prevent the doomsday prediction of Politician
cum Prophet, Senator David Mark from becoming the next ‘Nicodemus’-The man who
saw tomorrow.

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